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A Preacher in the Patch is a part of
To The Cross Ministries
a non-profit, tax-exempt, corporation.

Ron Evitt, along with To The Cross Ministries has performed over 104 Evangelical events since the last day of 1999, with definitive plans to add to that number each year.


Ron also preaches to 6-9 plus cell blocks on Sunday morning at the county jail, where he has been ministering for the past 35 years.

We are planning to continue city wide events in the years to come. Our vision is to spread the Gospel to the whole world.

He became known as A Preacher in the Patch

Ron Evitt trusted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior in an Evangelical Gospel meeting in 1971, and has not been the same since. Born and raised in a God fearing, happy home in Williston, North Dakota, Ron's Dad was involved with the Gideons International which is an intra-denominational organization that spreads the Word of God to the whole world. It was through speaking with this organization that Ron learned to love working with many different kinds of churches in Evangelical efforts. 

In 1988, Ron's pastor encouraged him to take over the Jail Ministry in Williston. Ron has now enjoyed preaching the Gospel in the Williams County Jail, every Sunday morning that he's in town, for 25 years. He has been used by God to touch and save many lives for the Lord through this ministry. Also, Ron and his family began singing together as a family band in the mid-nineties. The family sang in nursing homes at first, then churches, fellowship gatherings, parks, accross a highway from a bar, and crusades, etc. 

Having a desire to evangelize on a broader scale, Ron felt that God had called him to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ on the Radio. In 1997, Ron started on the radio with the 90 second ads on three radio stations around Williston. He became known as 'A Preacher in the Patch (Oil Patch, that is!).'

Ron was raised being familiar with the oil field, graduated from the University of Wyoming in 1985 with a degree in Petroleum Engineering, and has worked in the oilfield ever since. Thus, he decided to put the oilfield theme in the broadcasts. 

n a short time it was decided that 'To The Cross Ministries' should be put into motion. This was seemingly God's direction since the non-profit corporation shell was given to Ron, and a lawyer wanted to set it up for free. As the years now have rolled along, To The Cross Ministries has now added up to 46 radio stations that are throughout western North Dakota, eastern Montana, north-eastern and southwestern Wyoming, reaching four states and a small part of Canada with A Preacher in the Patch broadcasts.

We are proud to announce that number will be growing even more with our new affiliates in other states, cities, and towns. 

During these broadcasting years, Ron and his team were lead to put on City Wide Evangelical Events, Crusades as some would say, with Christian bands of all sizes and styles, and preaching with an invitation to receive Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. To The Cross continues to perform 4 to 6 outreach events per year, and has been since the beginning of 2000. We plan to continue these as long as the Lord calls us to.


Our vision is to spread the Gospel to the whole world. 
Since, if God is our partner, we had better think big!

Ron's Story
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